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5 Important Takeaways from My Internship Experience


As an intern at Haztech, the best digital marketing agency in Goa, founded by Mohsin Shaikh, I had the opportunity to learn many valuable lessons that I will carry with me throughout my career. Myself Rahul Kumar Pathak, i would like to share my learning during my time here at Haztech, I have worked primarily on keyword research and content writing, and in this process, I learned a lot about SEO, blogging, and creating social media content. Here are the top five lessons I learned as an intern at Haztech.

  • Push yourself harder

One of the most important lessons I learned was to push myself harder than I thought possible. I quickly realized that I was capable of doing much more than I initially thought and that by challenging myself to take on more responsibility, I could learn and grow at a faster rate. By taking on new projects like preparing reports or writing meta descriptions and tasks outside of my comfort zone, I was able to develop new skills and become more well-rounded in digital marketing. 
  • Think outside the box

Another valuable lesson I learned was to think outside the box when it came to generating new ideas. This involved brainstorming and collaborating with my colleague Shania Gracias, Jeston Fernandes and Senalda Leitao in the digital marketing department to come up with creative post ideas and unique perspectives that could help us stand out from our competitors. By breaking out of our usual ways of thinking, we were able to find new social post ideas and content strategies that we might not have otherwise considered.
  • Keep learning

A crucial aspect of my internship at Haztech was the emphasis on continued learning and professional development. I was encouraged by Digital Marketing head, Veleni Pereira to learn new skills, learn from fellow colleagues and watch YouTube videos to further my understanding of search engine optimisation. By staying up-to-date on the latest trends and news, I was able to apply that knowledge to my work and contribute more to the team.
  • Practice makes perfect

As an intern, I was given numerous opportunities to practice my skills, whether it was writing blog posts, conducting keyword research, or crafting social media content. By doing these tasks repeatedly and receiving feedback from my colleagues, I was able to refine my techniques and improve my efficiency. This experience taught me that practice truly does make perfect and that by committing to continuous improvement, I could become a more effective marketer.
  • Learn from mistakes

Finally, I learned the importance of learning from mistakes. In my early days of doing keyword research, I made several errors and had to revise my work. Rather than getting discouraged, I used these mistakes as learning opportunities and took note of what went wrong so that I could improve in the future. By embracing failure and using it as a chance to grow, I was able to become a better digital marketer and a more resilient person.

In conclusion, my internship at Haztech provided me with invaluable experiences and lessons that will stay with me throughout my career. By pushing myself harder, thinking outside the box, continuously learning, practising my skills, and learning from my mistakes, I was able to develop into a more well-rounded digital marketer and a more confident professional. I am grateful for the guidance and support of my colleagues, particularly founder Mohsin Shaikh, who was always friendly and approachable, and I look forward to applying these lessons to future challenges and opportunities.

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