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10 lesson i have learned about designing for accessibility


Hi, I’m Aldrin Fernandes. I’m a graphic designer at Haztech Innovations, the best digital marketing agency in Goa. I’ve been working here as an intern for the past 3 months. As a beginner I was nervous hoping that it turns out good and it did. I learned a lot about the editing and designing softwares available to me . I learnt the basics of designing and it gave me the confidence to take up projects and learn different techniques.

I have learnt to make different edits, resizing and reel making, something i was afraid to take up in the beginning. But still I have a lot to learn

Designing for accessibility means being  inclusive to the needs of your users. Accessible graphic design helps ensure that your printed documents and web content are easy on the eyes and easy to navigate for the largest number of users possible.



Canva is a graphic designing software I use to design my projects for clients. It’s a reliable software and easy to use as you get readymade templates to guide in creating a design in a better and faster way. 

It helps students and beginners to learn basics of designing.



  • Based on my experience always use limited and readable type fonts. 
  • No more than 3 fonts should be used in a design, if doing so it makes it difficult for the viewers to read and understand. 
  • Try learning about font families. It will help the content to be readable and authentic.


  • Make sure there is spacing between the elements.
  • If the text shapes or images are close to each other it makes the design look shabby and crowded.

Colour scheme:

  • Use different tones of the same color for consistency by adjusting brightness for contrast.
  • Use colours that compliment eachother.

Background image:

  • Adjust the brightness of the background image so that it offsets the text colour, making the design clear and easy to read.

Ruler or scale:

  • Apply a line for your design to make sure the text, shapes or images are in proper alignment.
  • It helps your design to be firm.


  • Push your creative abilities and graphic design skills to achieve original graphics. 
  • Try experimenting with various tools to push yourself in becoming better.
  • Create your own unique style of designing and evolve yourself.


  • Don’t exhaust yourself.
  • Take a break. Walk around, stretch your body and wash your face.
  • Drink water and relax yourself
  • Once your refreshed than start over.

Research before you start designing:

  • Have all the details needed before you begin to create.
  • Use browser to find out how other designs with similar contents are created.
  • It is the most important tip before you start working on your design.

 I have learnt to make different edits, resizing and reel making, something i was afraid to take up in the beginning. But still I have a lot to learn and I thank my employers and fellow colleagues helping me in my endeavour.

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