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Strategy and Time Management as a Digital Marketing Manager

Digital Marketing

A Digital marketing manager’s job can be very entertaining and distracting at the same time. Wondering why? Well, one of the crucial requirements in digital marketing is to stay updated with the latest industry trends and best practices. 

How does one stay up to date with #trending ? 

By spending time on the channels that are used for marketing,  we all know what happens when we open Instagram on our phones. 

We slowly but surely slip deep into the abyss of unlimited content and forget the motive of why we logged into this channel in the first place. 

How can we stay focused on the tasks for the day when there are cats being adorable or some influencer somewhere dancing to the latest trend or an XYZ company on LinkedIn showcasing their amazing employee benefits and schemes?

Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing

Here’s what I do to increase daily productivity for myself and the digital marketing team at Haztech, goa.

Making To Do lists

As simple as it sounds, this underrated mundane task can help meet deadlines by listing and prioritizing the jobs at hand. 

At Haztech, the digital marketing team discusses the tasks for the day in the morning meet and makes our individual to-do lists for the day. The ever-changing client requirements are the essence of any digital marketing agency but as long as you have a framework for the tasks of the day, these changes can be incorporated accordingly.

Prioritize  to Carpe Diem

The To-do list entails the tasks for the day and the next step is to identify which are the most important ones. 

That being said, all of the client’s work is equally important to both parties however, here you decide the order in which you will start completing them. Maybe that can be from the easiest to the difficult or vice versa or even deadlines first followed by the other pending activities. 

Time scheduling

Use schedules and calendars to keep track of appointments, meetings, and tasks. Apps like Trello and slack definitely assist in the scheduling and timely completion of tasks assigned. This eliminates the need for individual updates and micro-management.

Use productivity tools

The best Digital marketing results are achieved when the process is streamlined and well-managed. Using management platforms and automation tools helps increase productivity by giving the best results more efficiently. 

Analyze and interpret

You can go about your entire day thinking you have done the best at your job but that could just be your opinion.

 Using analytic tools can give you data-driven results on performance optimization and increases your skill set at the same time.

 At Haztech, the marketing team discusses the results of a blog written or a creative posted on social media channels to look for areas of improvement and how we can implement them in our next assignment. 

Research and re-invent

The interesting part of digital marketing is the research that entails it. Go out, explore and you can find content almost everywhere. Whether it is a thought in your head from that book you read or a dinner date gone wrong. Everything is content if you want it to be.

Finally, have a break but don’t necessarily have a Kit Kat.

Taking a break is essential to refresh that programming software – our brain. 

Sitting at the desk for the whole 9 hours is unfavorable both physically and mentally. But taking a break doesn’t mean leaving your desk and not your phone. Take your eyes off all media for a few minutes, stretch out, and have meaningful or useless banter but talk nevertheless. 

This helps you refresh and increases your productivity when you go back to your desk.

A bite to take away

While it’s essential to stay up to date and in the center of all things happening in the world as a digital marketing enthusiast, don’t forget to plan, schedule, prioritize, analyze, and unwind when needed.

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