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Balancing Work and Life: A Day in a life of a Digital Marketer in Goa

Digital Marketer at Haztech
Steve Jobs once said, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do”. Welcome to a day in my life! Myself Senalda Leitao, Digital Marketing Manager at Haztech. Let me begin by outlining my experience being a digital marketer. During the pandemic, I finished my higher secondary in computer techniques, and since, I’ve solely wanted to focus on learning about digital marketing. Because of the lockdown, I was not able to complete my education outside of Goa, so I enrolled in a private course in advanced digital marketing and completed an internship later. After my internship, I joined Haztech, a place with a lot of opportunities for you, a place where you can always learn and explore. It’s been just 2 months since I joined this team but it feels like a year. The best agency in Goa I have ever known. As you all know once you get employed having a balanced life can be a tedious job, whether it’s as a digital marketer or any other designation in any company. However, with the right mindset, it is possible to balance both aspects of life. With a constantly evolving industry where we need to be up-to-date with trends in the market and having a keen eye on the details of our competitors is become a great necessity.Digital Marketer at Haztech  
My day starts with obviously not a very good start but a late one, then hurrying up with my morning chores and heading to the office. Oh damn then comes early morning Margao traffic. Once I’m in the office it all starts by clocking in with our start of the daily tasks plan. Heading with standup calls in the morning where we have a brainstorming session of how and what will happen for the day. Then comes checking emails, and the client responds. Throughout the day, I spend time creating content for social media platforms, analyzing data and metrics to measure the success of campaigns, and researching new marketing techniques. I spend my leisure time watching course videos to stay up to date with the trends and buckle up my knowledge. It’s important to set specific times for each task to ensure that the work is completed in a timely manner and to avoid burnout. My day ends with an end-up call with the team where we update on our tasks and finally by clocking out for the day.

What do digital marketers need to do to balance work and life?

It’s important for any digital marketer to take breaks throughout the day. This could include going for a walk or simply stepping away from the computer for a few minutes. These small breaks can help re-energize and refocus the mind, making it easier to tackle the rest of the day’s tasks. In my entire day, I take multiple small breaks in between to keep my mind focused.Digital Marketer at Haztech
I conclude my article by stating that at the end of the day, a digital marketer should take time to unwind and disconnect from work. This could include spending time with family and friends, practicing a hobby, or simply relaxing and enjoying some downtime. This helps recharge the mind and body, making it easier to start fresh and be productive the next day.
In conclusion, balancing work and life as a digital marketer requires organization, time management, and the ability to set boundaries. Taking breaks, enlisting help from others, and disconnecting from work at the end of the day can all contribute to a healthy work-life balance. By prioritizing both work and personal life, digital marketers can achieve success in their careers while also enjoying a fulfilling personal life.

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